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Brunnera Macrophylia dawsons white — 12 Comments

  1. Oh, wow, I am looking forward to reading about primrose ballerina! I have been toying with the idea of planting Brunnera. I think our summers may be tough on it, but It is so very lovely. I am very tempted!

  2. I’m glad you are posting about your plants, Alistair. And I’m glad you are well. Both are important. I’m glad you are growing edibles now too. They can be very satisfying.

  3. Thank you – our gardens are three quarters of what keeps us sane. Our lockdown forbids leaving home except for essential food or medicine (or frontline staff)
    We must replace going for a walk / hike with garden laps.

  4. Hello Anne, We moved to Fife a few years ago and although it doesnt feel warmer than Aberdeen to me, especially in Summer, the Winter isnt as harsh. In Aberdeen only one form of Camellia thrived and that was Williamsii Donation, renowned for growing in colder areas. Here in Fife they all seem to thrive.
    First your camellia should be in a semi shaded position, even in Elgin Williamii forms are best. In Spring after flowers have gone over or in your case early May, start watering regularly even when other plants don’t require it. Also you can give a liquid feed in early May then again in early June, no more feeding after that. Feed with an ericaceous liquid feed. Like Rhododendrons, Camellias prefer acid soil. If this fails, enjoy the leaves.

  5. Alistair ,your plants are just amazing,I absolutely love camellias. I was given one on my birthday in 2015 and it has never flowered.its in the ground,doubled in height if not more.it gets buds but they never open.im thinking of moving it. Is in shade but there’s a huge mahonia tree next to it.I am in Elgin so it’s not as chilly as Aberdeen where I used to live too.

  6. Dear Alistair,
    your plants are beautiful as always. I see you care them very much, they are healthy and pretty. I liked your front garden, this prunus is a magic one. I also love Camellia and Primrose, I’d like to have such wonderful plants in my garden as well.
    Stay healthy!

  7. Lovely photos Alistair! It’s wonderful to see you plants especially at the moment whilst we are all in lockdown. Thank you for lifting our spirits. I love the primrose Bellerina, it’s so beautiful. As for your skimmia, I have them and they give me a good show. I never water them and we are pretty dry here in Bedfordshire, so I would suggest that you don’t water them too much. If they need watering, they will let you know by drooping.

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