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  1. Wow Alistair, such colour in your garden in December! I’m currently reading Rosemary Verey’s book ‘The Garden in Winter’. It’s an old book but still relevant. I love the garden in Winter and yours is just fabulous. I’m especially interested in your rowan, do you grow it in the ground? I usually plant to support our wildlife and my Rowan trees get stripped bare by the blackbirds and starlings which is why I planted them, but I would like to grow your Rowan and for once have a few berries for me to look at!

    • Hi Ellen, Yes, this Rowan is in the ground. It grows into an extremely handsome tree. I am not the greatest fan of Winter but am always excited that Spring is just around the corner.

  2. Alistair, your December garden is amazing. I have not seen the blooming Nerina, although I once bought a few bulbs, but they did not have flowers. Yours are wonderful, big and beautiful in color.
    I also liked Sorbus vilmorinii, its berries resemble the snow-berry bush (Symphoricarpos) in my garden.

    • If growing in a pot use half John Iness number three and the other half a good quality general garden compost, also mix in a good amount of garden grit. Growing from seed, well, as long as you are willing to wait for, perhaps five years to see the blooms.

  3. hi alistair,
    i just found your site, whilst trying to discover what i should do with my skimmia japonica. it’s done a brilliant job throughout the winter, but suddenly looks like it needs some effort from me. so i was really pleased to get your guidance.
    but very disappointed to see you haven’t posted anything since december.
    is this because you don’t like winter?
    or are you waiting for a bit of general encouragement?
    please take this as a bit of general encouragement. i’m keen to see what you have to say next.

    • Glad I was of some help Val. As you can probably see, my blog posts are all about the plants that grow in my garden. I prefer it to be about what is blooming at the time I publish. The plants which I have found interesting in Winter, I have already written about. I will be posting soon, perhaps I should also think of some other format.

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