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Clematis alpina Maria Basescu — 8 Comments

  1. Our guppies are all male, but the platys have little platys. Perhaps I said that, struggling to remember lots of stuff these days.

  2. Your alpine clematis is amazing, Alistair. This is on my dream list. If I buy this clematis, I have to cover it up for the winter. Or plant it in a tub and transfer it to a shelter for the winter.
    I have been fond of aquarium fish for 15 years. When I was feeding the fish, they gathered around the feeder and I thought they knew me 🙂 Later I didn’t have time to look after the 60 liter aquarium, so I sold all the things.
    Happy weekend!

  3. Hello there Alistair ! .. some how I missed your blog posts … what a pretty little clematis. Funny enough I was tying in a few of my clematis this morning .. we have had a heat wave (no rain though) so everything is shooting off like crazy .. so hard to keep them in line , looking neat and tidy. Romantika is a monster once it gets going .. Mary Clair will be arriving soon to be paired with it for a dark and light combination .. so many things you can do with pair plantings !
    I think the fish tank is a great hobby and you should just relax and enjoy it .. we have gone through it ourselves , funny how watching fish can be so entertaining right ? it is peaceful !

  4. That looks lovely! So spring fresh with those luscious, limey leaves and the delicate blue/ purple flowers! I’ve got a thing for yellow or lime leaves. I’ve got a north facing back garden and the colour really lifts it up out of dreary dullness in the winter months and before all the summer perennials kick in. I’ve teamed it with deep blue pots and barleywood on the shed and summerhouse, honestly, it positively sings! That clematis would fit in perfectly (if I didn’t have a shed-load of plants in pots that still need to be found a space!!!)

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