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Prunus Autumnalis Rosea — 6 Comments

  1. Astroturf is an interesting choice – but yours looks good. The curves and circles are much more interesting.
    No possibility of returning to your heart is in Aberdeen?

  2. Prunus Autumnalis Rosea looks good Alistair, I was surprised that it blooms in winter. All prunes here bloom in April-May. Mine still does not bloom due to the cold spring.
    I remember when you decided to choose artificial grass. And I believe you did the right thing. Looks good at any time of the year. You have planned and renovated your garden – it’s hard work, but I’m sure the result will be great. I love round gardens!

  3. Yes, I keep telling myself that it is strange for a gardener to choose artificial grass. It all came about when we found out our back garden was North East facing, before building started we were told by the site manager it was South facing. However, we went ahead and purchased. We thought the grass would struggle in North East position with lack of sunshine. Although we dont get sun in Winter, its not bad at all the rest of the year and I have grown attached to the fake garden.

  4. Your garden is beautiful and it is interesting to see how it has developed. Thanks for showing it! I am surprised though, Alistair, to see that you have artificial grass…….and yes, my 2 prunus autumnlis bloom in November through to February, and again in April!

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