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Martagon Lily Guinea Gold — 7 Comments

  1. I admire your new garden design Alistair. The circles look amazing and the flowers add a beauty. I love martagon lilies as well. The ne moment is there -it’s difficult to take photos if them, you have to shoot from the bottom up.

  2. Alistair you have grown a “Jack and the Beanstalk” size martagon lily !!! I have two of them but they are shy diminutive little ones compared to yours ! Amazing !!
    Your garden is in such beautiful order .. it is well cared for and loved indeed.
    I’m sorry you have such a neighbor. I would be delighted to share roses with a fellow gardener.
    Too many people just can’t seem to get over themselves and their needs when it is such a trivial consequence.

  3. Just WOW! Actually, WOWEE! Your garden looks AMAZING! I want to be IN it! Your colour combinations of blue and white and the pale colours of the hard landscaping make it look tranquil and cooling. URGH, how very sad tho’ that your neighbour is ‘disturbed’ by a few leaves and petals! My neighbour has a beech hedge which I detest when it sheds leaves and is covered in whitefly! However, I have grown a Virginia creeper all over my house and it does exactly the same, so we just tolerate each others preference!

  4. Your garden is beautiful.How wonderful to sit looking at it every day.Couldn’t your neighbour just shake them off.I could think of worse things landing on my washing!!

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