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Tiger Lily White Twinkle — 5 Comments

  1. Hello Joy, Yes, its the weirdest thing having an aversion to trees. We had Sweet Surrender in Aberdeen. I hope you missed the worst of those horrendous low temperatures.
    Happy New Year, soon we will be thinking of Spring.

  2. Hello there Alistair, your gardens always look so neat, organized, and BEAUTIFUL ! .. That is strange that your neighbors don’t plant trees .. when we bought this house I couldn’t get enough trees planted (and had a huge learning curve for many of them sadly ) .. Your white tiger lily is called “Sweet Surrender” here in Canada and I have a few of them too !
    I just did an order to one of our Canadian companies for a beautiful white Martagon lily called Snowy “Morning” it is argued to be a Turk’s Cap as well. I love punctuation of bright white in the garden, it sets off itself and yet all the other colours too .. Happy New Year !! I hope our garden year will be wonderful and satisfying 😉

  3. Lovely photos. Can I ask what you have planted beside the amelachier please?

    Many thanks

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