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Hellebores Harvington Pink Speckled — 5 Comments

  1. This is a very informative content. I see a blog that understands the value of providing a quality resource for free. Thank you for posting such a great article.

  2. Hello Joy, 34c in April that is weird. If we get 25c in July we get heat stroke. We are expecting a high of 10c today. Have a great gardening season. Alistair

  3. Hello there Alistair
    This is a gorgeous hellebore indeed ! .. Yes when I first started with them way back when, I couldn’t get enough of them .. so a long bed against the house became the “Hellebore Bed” … the foliage is so pretty even when the flowers die off. So they are a good all round plant for me. Our weather has been crazy the last four weeks … we even hit 34 Celsius at one point in April .. now that just isn’t right. Now it is cold rain mode, just as we had our sprinkler system turned on, ironic yes.
    Beautiful photos !

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