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Hawthorn Laevigata Crimson Cloud — 4 Comments

  1. OMG …. you have your hands full with that nutcase indeed ! I am sorry it is affecting Myra to that extent, and you having to sort him out as well .. taking the berries off the Rowan tree ? that is a signal for a head case right there.
    We had a beautiful Mountain Ash years ago … is that the same as a Rowan I think .. the birds love the berries .
    You are allowed as many moans as you need right ? LOL … we are waiting to see if our “fence that needs mending neighbor” is going to ask us to fix it … that will be the day ! Hang in there !

  2. Good morning Joy, The Hawthorn is a lovely tree, but I think an old geezwer like myself would have great difficulty moving it around. Apparently here in the UK June was the hottest on record. Forrest fires are seriously concerning.
    All is relatively well here, and we lose ourselves in the garden. Mind you we have a new nutcase moved in next door, he beets the woman over the back who only worries about rose petals landing on her washing. This guy has two strips of green mould on one of his fence panels, apparently being caused by the plants on my side, I told him to paint his fence. When he first moved in, he asked me to remove the berries from the Rowan tree as his wife is frightened of birds, not bloody likely. Well anyway he has a list of issues about our garden and is getting a solicitor to sort me out. Myra says if she were younger, she would move. Ah well, thats my moan for the day, hope you and your family are well.

  3. Hello there ! … What a stunning tree ! It probably wouldn’t survive our climate but what a gorgeous specimen and to be able to have it survive in a pot ? that is wonderful because you can place it where ever you want to enjoy those flowers.
    We have had gray skies a lot here .. with heat and humidity . The wildfires have contributed to smoky aspect and wood burning smell . It makes me sad to think of all the forest creatures caught in it all. I have also heard it has been the hottest on earth, breaking records .. I can’t believe the nay sayers to climate change and the emergency situation (past the point of no return I think) add in the wars going on … I’m glad to be able to lose my thoughts in the garden and just work with and enjoy my plants and trees.
    I hope you and Mrs. Alistair are well and enjoying your garden too !

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