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Osteospernum purple sun — 9 Comments

  1. Love the vibrant Osteospermum Purple Sun featured in your post! The detailed care tips are super helpful. Your passion for gardening shines through. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Very wise to work with what you have, Amanda. We are also very fond of Lavender. In Cove the idea is to plant in the sunniest and most sheltered position. Do not plant in a spot where you know it never dries out, they will not survive boggy soil. If you plant some, get back to me and I will run you through on how to care for them.
    Cats, we have always had a cat, very little problem.

  3. Hello, I have just found your site and what wonderful gardens you have created. I live in Cove Bay and last year attempted to tackle our back garden. I am a complete novice and much of what we have is back-fill and large boulders from when the houses went up. Therefore I thought “if you can’t beat em, join em” and basically used the boulders to create a bit of rockery. One of my faves is lavender but find it’s not that easy to grow. Do you have any tips please? Oh and do you know what may deter the local cats from using the back as their latrine!!

  4. Thanks for the lovely photos! The osteospermums look beautiful. Love your bird bath. Where did you get that from?
    I’m looking to get one for my special birthday this year ( from my sisters) ?

  5. Allistar I remember you living in Cheshire not very far from me in Runcorn that garden was another credit to you

    I think that the beetle has got used to the garlic it did have a good affect on them in previous years

  6. Thank you Brenda, We lived in Cheshire for a few years and that was the first time I came across Lily Beetle. Back in Scotland again and no sign of them, they surely dont like the cooler weather.

  7. Hello Allistar

    Enjoyed your garden yet again always look forward to your web the garden is a great credit to you

    Your Lilies are exceptional not a sign of the lily beetle what do you recommend mine have ben eaten away this year even though I used the remedy garlic

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