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Cornus Contraversa Variegata Growing in a Tub — 3 Comments

  1. It sounds like you have a wonderful garden, Fiona. Thank you for sharing the goings-on at your place. You will need some size of a tub for your Cornus, hope it does OK. Shame the Deer cause so much damage, as they would be great to watch.
    Enjoy the rest of the Summer. Alistair

  2. Looks great, Alistair! One of my favourite trees. I paid a lot of money 2 years ago for one that was about 7 feet high and 6ft across at its widest, with a very good layered structure for its size. We planted it at the same time as 7 other different decorative trees in our lawn, which is bordered by a narrow strip of woodland. We put some wire netting around the lower parts of the 4 narrower trees, but the other 4 trees were rather wide in shape we left those uncovered, as that would have looked obtrusive and unattractive in situ. With only the very occasional rabbit in the garden to nibble our plants, we assumed animal pests would never really be a problem.
    The pale leaves of this lovely tree were opening abundantly and against a background of dark yew and holly it was a splendid sight – a lift to my spirits. As luck would have it, about 2 months after it was planted a small group of 4 roe deer took up residence in the woodland. First time any have done so in my 33 years here. Turns out this tree is right at the top of a deer’s favourite food list. 3 Michelin star fare! Within 2 days of arriving they had munched it to a fraction of its size and within the week it was about a foot high stump. Broken hearted, I moved the little “leftover” to the back of a flower border elsewhere, hoping it would not attract the deer’s attentions further and somehow survive. Eventually, after a season of eating most of my roses instead, the deer thankfully moved on to outdoor restaurants new. My small, nibbled specimen survives, although it is a sad reminder of what might have been a stunner!
    After reading of yours in a pot I am going to put mine in a pot too and see if I can encourage it again in a better, brighter spot and closer to the house this time where I can keep an eye on it. Thanks for the article -your tree looks wonderful. I am sighing and smiling with pleasure as I look at it! Regards, Fiona

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