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Spring in Fife — 21 Comments

  1. Spring is such a lovely season! I love that ‘Skype’ daffodil! So pretty. I love your orange tulips and wish I could grow them here without all the critters eating them. I keep toying with the idea of trying a camellia here that might be more cold hardy. I do miss them from living down south. Yours are gorgeous!

  2. Wow Alistair, there are so many spring plants for your local bee keeper’s bees to have a go at. I’m not a fam of the garish coloured primroses but I do like the Toronto tulips. Your ornamental cherry flowers very early, ours is just coming out now.

  3. Hi Debs, Narcissus is the Latin name for Daffodils. We referred to the flat type as Narcissus whether or not that was a common practice I don’t know.

  4. Wow, what a wealth of gorgeous spring blooms you have had! I was glad to learn he difference between daffodils and narcissus. I have always called all of them daffodils, with a vague idea that narcissus were the ones you could force indoors around Christmas. I have no idea where I got that notion!

  5. Woah! Have you moved again? Back to Scotland? How did I miss that?
    Everything, as always, looks magnificent, where ever you garden ?

  6. Hello Donna, the pictures seem to suggest a reasonably balmy Spring, the reality is a little different although it seems to be getting a little milder again.

  7. That is annoying. Placing comments a number of years ago was much simpler and effective for the purpose when you only left name and url. Too many options now.

  8. PS somehow gravatar and wordpress don’t play nicely. If you click my name it goes to the dormant blog – nothing I do will convince it to change.
    If you go via gravatar you will see I have deleted the old blog and only left a link to the new blog.
    But still ‘my name’ clicks back to the old blog. Sob.

  9. Spring has definitely arrived in your garden, Alistair — many of your plants are blooming ahead of mine. Love, love, love the daffodils and tulips in tubs. I’m just writing my monthly article for the local newspaper and it is about container gardening. I wish I had such stunning pictures to illustrate it. Beautiful! P x

  10. The Prunus I am also fond of Nadezda. We have managed to plant fourteen trees around our property which will gradually take away the new build look.

  11. Oh, dear Alistair, what a wonderful garden! I love all your spring plants, I strolled twice watching them. Daffodil Jack Snipe is pretty, I think I have had them too. Tulips Winnipeg look very nice. Prunus Accolade is my favorite!

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