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Lavatera Barnsley — 23 Comments

  1. You inquired about whether Cornus florida — our white dogwood might grow in your garden. It grows in the USA from Maine south to central Florida. I expect that it would grow for you.

  2. Hi! I came here to admire the flowers that I cannot grow. 🙂

    Your daughter is very good at what she makes. They are all very detailed and beautiful.

  3. what a lovely flower and what a wonderful father promoting your daughter’s incredible work/art….I love this type of jewelry and will definbitely check it out…a bit of Scotland is a great thing to have!

  4. Gorgeous pink blooms Alistairs, looking a bit like hibiscus and holyhocks but maybe its a totally different plant. I love your daughter’s jewellery, so delicate and fine work of art.

  5. Wonderful pictures! Love your plants, especially the pink one. I have two shrubs, very tall. After 3 or 4 years, they don’t look good now. Honestly, they look dead. Although it’s early yet. I pruned them very low recently and hope they survived the winter!
    Your daughter’s jewelry is unique! The middle piece in the right side is my favorite.

    • Even if your Lavatera is showing tiny shoots they should come away fine, if not I guess they have not survived the Winter. Thank you for your kind comments on my daughters jewellery.

  6. I like the different shades of pink & white in the first picture, but then I also like the pure white of the second. I am trying again with giant hollyhock seeds this year, last year’s seedlings are still no bigger than my big toe, but maybe I should have picked lavatera instead – they look better!
    I think it’s a clever idea to use the sea glass and I wish your daughter the best of luck with her business.

    • Hollyhock is very often best treated as a biennial sow in Summer to flower the following year, I would expect yours from last year to flower this Summer. Annual Lavatera just sow seeds in Spring for flowering in the same year. Mont Blanc is ideal for this.

  7. The lavatera and jewelry are both quite lovely Alistair! I did what I assumed was annual lavatera one year and it was very beautiful in the gardens… it looked similar to yours but as I said, it was not winter hardy by any means. I see your children are very talented too! Larry

    • Thanks Larry, many of the Lavatera are treated as annual, Barnsley is relatively hardy as a perennial. I don’t think it would survive constant Winter temp of below minus 10c.

  8. You must be very proud of our daughter.

    The lavetera is pretty. I have seen only deeper pink varieties. It can be an unruly and flappy plant but I expect you have yours under control!

    P.S. I used to live in St Andrews.

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