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Astrantia Star of Billion — 8 Comments

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  2. I love the astrantias.do you send for your plants or are they from a garden centre.would you have any idea why my camellia has never flowered.it has plenty buds but now I see a lot of the leaves are turning yellow.its in a shady spot.

    • Hello Anne
      All my plants come from mail order. Frustrating about your Camellia. I have never had so much success with Camellias than at present in our Fife garden. Your soil is perhaps to alkaline, it must be acidic. Camellias do well in pots, you must use ericaceous compost, the pot must be a decent size and ensure free drainage. Read up about the feeding and watering regime. If your plant is a suitable size why not give potting up a try.

  3. I don’t know why I don’t have astrantia, Alistair. After all they are an old cottage garden plant. I like that red one. I do have hostas, however, and like yours mine are doing well this year. But here it’s always a challenge stopping the deer from eating them. P. x

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