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Multiflora pot Chrysanthemums — 7 Comments

  1. Lovely chrysanthemums collection Alistair. I love to watch their colors, buds, compositions of various plants.
    I tried to store chrysanthemums during winter but it was unsuccessfully.
    Take care, happy Tuesday.

  2. I can’t say that when we were in Aberdeen I ever needed top soil. However a Google search brings up company’s who are happy to deliver huge bags of it.

  3. Great Autumn arrangements indeed, and thanks for the winterising tips.

    I just moved in aberdeenshire (Peterhead area), just wondering if you have some knowledge of good source of planting top soil. I am in the process of planning for DIY garden renovation at our new place – I plan to create borders around the house and needs plenty of top soil. Will appreciate if you can give me some ideas where to source locally or nearby around Peterhead area.

    Thank you in advanced for your insights …

    emjeyltoby at outlook dot com

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