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Growing Daffodils in pots — 10 Comments

  1. I have grown all my Spring Bulbs in pots for years and just give them a good freshen up when I see growth. I do this because I was fed up not remembering where they were planted when foliage died back and I hated the dead foliage making the garden border look untidy. Seemed very simple as I just remove pots after flowering and hide them away again. Yes I do feed too.

  2. Thanks for your experiences Alistair. I always think to not dig up daffodils every fall. I want to try doing the same way and leave the pots into the greenhouse during the winter.

  3. Alistair, your daffodil pots are a smashing success! You were so careful with them. I looked up average winter low temperatures in Aberdeen and found 34-35 degrees F. In February we had a cold spell down to -10 degrees F, here in Missouri. I did buy three pots of pink tulip bulbs in late February and potted them with the pansies and now they are ready to bloom. That was cheating but made me happy to see them.

  4. That’s interesting, thank you. They look beautiful. I have given up on the tall daffodils, they have flopped all over the place. I’m only planting tête-à-tête from now on. They are much more sturdy!

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